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 LTCi Services


Marketing to associations can present multiple challenges, but with AIMS, we can assist you with our extensive LTCi expertise. We understand that your quality of service to your clients must meet a wide range of demands, that’s why we are readily available with a wealth of products, product knowledge, and marketing materials. Our easy to sell benefits, competitive commissions, and innovative support can help make your next LTCi association sale, an easy close.



Premiums increasing, underwriting tightening, clients fear “use it or lose it” policies? Not with AIMS! We have solutions to the LTC crisis with innovative combo products. We can help you provide your clients with convenient ways to purchase both LTC and life insurance in a single policy!



AIMS makes your LTCi worksite sales easy with multiple innovative products. We can help you meet the needs of your clients and their families by offering you the support tools you need. With over 25 years of experience in the LTCi market, we can give you the expertise and confidence to make a group LTCi plan, your next big win.



There are more options for chronic care planning than just LTCi; options that are more affordable with less underwriting requirements. If your client cannot afford traditional LTCi or their health is preventing them from obtaining coverage then contact us. We can go over the Short Term Care Insurance and Home Health Care Insurance options available and help you find the best fit for your client.


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Life Insurance Services

Final Expense

AIMS is dedicated to helping agents cater to their senior clients. No one likes to contemplate the need to prepare for funeral and burial services, but we can help you ease your client's minds with our extensive portfolio of affordable Final Expense products.

Whole Life

AIMS offers whole life products that have contracts with level premiums and has both an insurance, and an investment component. We can also assist your clients with individual and business planning needs, with products that are ideal for estate planning, charitable giving, and business continuation.

Term Life

Historically term life insurance has been a good solution for millions of American families who need life insurance coverage at affordable rates. AIMS gives you access to affordable term life products that fit your clients needs, time frame, and budget. Guaranteed-premiums, accelerated benefit riders, and affordable ways cover multiple needs.

Universal Life

We offer some of the most versatile Universal Life products available. So your clients can rest assured they have the flexibility in premium payments and adjustable death benefit guarantees to meet their changing needs.